Related organisations

OpenDocumentFellowship.comOpenDocument Fellowship is a volunteer organisation with members around the world. Its mission is to support the work of community volunteers in promoting, improving and providing user assistance for the OASIS Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) and software designed to operate on data in this format.

ODF Alliance.orgODF Alliance seeks to promote and advance the use of OpenDocument Format (ODF). The alliance works globally to educate policymakers, IT administrators and the public on the benefits and opportunities of the OpenDocument Format, to help ensure that government information, records and documents are accessible across platforms and applications.

TheINGOTs.orgThe INGOTs are high quality and progressive certificates designed to promote assessment of the technical skills needed to operate popular office software. The goal of the INGOTs is to provide an equivalent in ICT of the high expectations that we take for granted in written communication, and to enable students to learn about global ICT developments from first hand experience, giving them the potential to make useful contributions back to the community.

OOoAuthors.orgOOoAuthors is a group of volunteer reviewers, writers, editors and translators producing documentation for Writer, Calc, Draw, Impress and Base in English, German, Dutch, and several other languages. Their English-language books are available as free downloadable PDFs from the Documentation Project website. Friends of OpenDocument Inc. is publishing printed copies of OOoAuthors books through